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Divorce and the festive season

The festive season is usually quite a busy time for any divorce attorney. Many people get married in December, as this is a time when many of their friends and family are on leave and available to attend weddings. Many people however think of getting divorced around this time of year too.

I had a client who phoned and consulted me recently and advised that he was thinking of instituting a divorce action against his wife. The couple had three children together, and the man had never met his wife’s parents. They recently came down on holiday and his wife visited them on the odd occasion whilst they were staying with my client’s sister.

The problem in the abovementioned case was that none of my client’s in-laws really got on with my client. My client was not invited to any of the outings with his wife’s parents. They believed that my client was not good enough for their daughter. Eventually my client asked his wife to choose between her family and him. She persisted seeing her family whilst my client was not invited, and eventually he chose to institute a divorce action against her.

It is just amazing how many divorces are instituted shortly after the festive season. I had another client recently who went to work overseas and recently came down for the festive season to visit his two children. He did not stay with his wife during his visit, but she was rude to him right from the start of his vacation. I met with him just before he went back overseas and he advised that he realized during his holiday that his marriage never did work and never was going to work. He instructed me to summons his wife for a divorce.

Another client also came to see me recently over the festive season. Her problem was that she had gone on holiday with her husband and there also had been constant arguing. She had on numerous occasions prior to the holiday been forced to stay with family and friends after numerous arguments with her husband. The holiday was their last attempt to save the marriage.

During the holiday mentioned above my client’s husband was constantly in the pubs by himself, watching sport and arriving back to the hotel intoxicated. She had to look after the children all alone while he was out. Eventually my client’s husband never arrived home one night, and it later came out that he had been unfaithful. That was for my client the main reason why she wanted to divorce him.

The festive season and just after it is therefore a rather busy time for divorce attorneys. It is meant to be time for the family to spend together, but unfortunately it does not always work out like that.

article written by Cape Town lawyer, Peter M Baker

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