How to find a divorce lawyer in Cape Town, South Africa

Reasons for divorce

Here's some common reasons for divorce:

Abusive behaviour (towards spouse/children; can be physical, verbal or sexual)

Active addiction to alcohol

Different expectations about rearing or having children

Untimely death of a child

Lack of communication

Lack of intimacy


Not able to resolve conflicts

Fatal illness

Active addiction to drugs (including child drug abuse)

Different expectations about housework

Developing a cyber-sexual-relationship on an internet chat site

Developing a sexual relationship with another person (extra marital affairs)

Family interference

Financial difficulties

Imprisonment or criminal behaviour

Intellectual incompatibility

Use of pornography

Whilst being business partners may not be the root cause of the divorce, it may result in partners not having the space to resolve underlying problems.

Reasons for not getting divorce

Some people think a reason not to get divorced is being too old (many disagree).

Reglious reasons for not getting divorced.


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