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Working together and divorce

I recently watched a television documentary featuring Donald Trump and his personal life. The programme dealt with his marriages and relationships. He got divorced from his first wife. In addition to them having a marital relationship they also had a business relationship. She managed a few of the casinos he owned.

Trump explained that the reason why they got divorced was because they worked together, and that he felt that his wife was no longer really a wife, but more of a business partner. He explained further that he believes now that for a marriage to succeed you should preferrably not be involved in a business relationship.

Whilst watching this programme I cast my mind back to certain divorce cases which I have dealt with and I must say that what Trump said makes sense to me. There have just been too many divorces which I have dealt with where the couples were business partners.

In a recent case of mine the couple owned a laundromatte together in equal shares. They had four children and owned a big house together as well as other assets. They saw each other everyday at work. The wife started taking drugs as their marriage deteriorated. My client, the man, moved out of the house and met somebody else. My client explained to me that he and his wife were constantly arguing at work, and argued even more after work when at home.

It is quite problematic sometimes to determine in a divorce who gets the business also, as how does one determine the value of the business. Very often a valuation by an auditor on the business must be done, and this is also not always that accurate.

It very often happens that a client tells me that the business relationship with his wife is a situation where his wife is his secretary or his bookkeeper or clerk. Whether it is a parternship where the spouses share the profits or a situation where one works for the other and earns a small salary is irrelevant. They still are constantly in each other's company during that day and night, and this can lead to arguments.

I have however also heard of many success stories where a husband and wife worked together, so it does not necessarily mean that because you work together your marriage will fail. Each situation is different and there are a few factors normally which together contribute to the breakdown in the marriage. Some couples even successfully carry on working together after the divorce.

I think it is safe to say that if you feel that your marriage is struggling, and you work together, you may want to try ending the working relationship. The time apart from your spouse during the day may well save your marriage.

article written by Cape Town divorce lawyer, Peter M Baker

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