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Extramarital Affairs
The Tiger Woods story

It really amazes me how many married celebrities are caught out having extra-marital affairs. Recently our newspapers reported on Joost Van Der Westhuizen, ex Springbok scrumhalf, allegedly having an affair with an ex Springbok athlete. Later Joost in his book confessed to very nearly having sexual intercourse with a stripper with whom he was taking drugs. Now Tiger Woods, a famous golfer, has made headlines for a similar matter.

Tiger Woods has won 14 major golf championships worldwide, and has financially made millions of rands with golf. He has sponsors such as Nike, Gatorade, Pepsi and Gillette. Recent reports talk of how Tiger Woods has allegedly had affairs with 10 women.

Recently Tiger Woods’s wife attacked Woods with a golf club after finding out about his affair with a lady by the name of Rachel Uchitel. Woods has apparently offered his wife approximately 6 million US Dollars with staggered payments worth another Sixty Million US Dollars if she stays with Tiger another two years. Tiger is further alleged to have paid Rachel one million US Dollars to keep quiet to the media about the alleged affairs.

Extra-marital affairs are very costly in a divorce situation. How does one who had an affair really make amends to his/her spouse? There is in reality no real way that you can make amends for infidelity. I urge my clients who want to reconcile and who have been unfaithful to say sorry and all they can really do is hope that their spouse accepts the apology.

A relationship can still succeed after infidelity. Marriage counselling is probably the best way for the parties to sort out the problem. And once the one spouse has accepted the apology for the affair, the affair should never be mentioned again, even during a bad argument.

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye and fame and fortune attract people to them. They have more opportunities than other people to have affairs. The media also place a huge strain on them and their marriages. Another celebrity, Brad Pitt, for example, has been faced with ongoing rumours about an affair with a model he met in 2007.

An extra-marital affair can count hugely against a person in a divorce. The average Joe Public doesn’t have millions like Tiger Woods to pay out for his infidelity. I have seen people in divorce situations losing major assets such as a house as a result of their infidelity.

My advice to any married person who is contemplating having an affair is rather not to. Be safe and rather wait until after the divorce before considering another relationship. It may save you a lot of money!

article written by Cape Town attorney, Peter M Baker

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