How to find a divorce lawyer in Cape Town, South Africa

Cheap divorce - do it yourself

If you and your spouse both reside in South Africa, and have an uncontested divorce where you have agreed on the terms, you may be able to do most of it yourself on the cheap. If you would like a cheap divorce, then send the following information to, who will check whether you qualify.

your full names


your spouse's full names


your maiden name (if applicable)


your spouse's maiden name (if applicable)


your postal address


your physical home address


your work address;


your spouse's postal address


your spouse's physical home address


your home phone number


your cellphone number


your work phone number


your spouse's home phone number


your spouse's cellphone number


your spouse's work phone number


your job description


your spouse's job description


your ID number


your spouse's ID number


date of marriage


place you got married (Cape Town, Goodwood, etc...)


list of all your monthly expenses


your gross monthly income


your spouse's gross monthly income


reasons for the breakdown in the marriage


is there an immovable property? (e.g. house)


what do you want out of the marriage (assets, maintenance, medical expenses, etc.);


the children’s full names


the children’s dates of birth


which school (crèche) do your children go to;


Who will the children stay with after the divorce?


Who will pay maintenance for the children?


How much maintenance will be paid per child per month?


How much maintenance will your spouse pay you each month for your needs?


How much maintenance will you pay your spouse each month for his/her needs?



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