How to find a divorce lawyer in Cape Town, South Africa

Divorce lawyer

A divorce lawyer (also known as a divorce attorney) usually represents one of a married couple in ending their marriage (occassionally lawyers represent both parties in more amicable divorces), from a legal perspective. This includes representing the person in court, assisting with division of assets, assistance with maintenance claims, assisting with custody. Your divorce attorney may instruct an advocate, if your case is being heard in the high court.

Choosing a divorce lawyer

Doing a bit of research in choosing your divorce lawyer may save you a lot of money later. The most important thing to look out for is previous experience in divorce matters (somebody who specialises in criminal law may not be as proficient at divorces as a specialist family lawyer). You should always check your lawyer's credentials, especially if a low fee is quoted. It is possible to change your lawyer, but this may mean that you are doubling up on expenses.


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